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Korean in Emacs

This is for the geeks out there...

Typing Hangul

To use Hangul in emacs, you'll need the Mule package. This usually comes with emacs. To see if you have everything you need, go to the "hello" page in emacs via "C-h h" and look for Korean.

To switch between the latin-1 characters I normally use, and Hangul I started by using C-\. It prompts you for the character set to use, and I use korean-hangul. After a while, I got annoyed that, since I use a Dvorak layout keyboard, I have to also go to a shell and remap to the us keyboard layout so that the Hangul characters will be in the correct places on the keyboard. So, for Linux, I added this to my .emacs:

(defun my-korean-setup ()
  "Set up my Korean environment."
  (if (equal current-language-environment "Korean")
        (setq default-input-method "korean-hangul")
        (set-input-method default-input-method)
        (shell-command "setxkbmap us"))))

(defun my-english-setup ()
  "Set up my English environment."
  (if (equal current-language-environment "English")
        (set-input-method nil)
        (shell-command "setxkbmap dvorak")
        (shell-command "xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap"))))

(add-hook 'set-language-environment-hook 'my-korean-setup)
(add-hook 'set-language-environment-hook 'my-english-setup)

(defun my-toggle-lang-env ()
   (if (equal current-language-environment "English")
       "Korean" "English")))

(define-key global-map [f5] 'my-toggle-lang-env)
Now I use F5 to switch back and forth and it works well for me.

Korean Vocabulary Quiz

I've written an ELisp program to quiz you on your Korean vocabulary. It is pretty simple, but effective.
Download a copy of my Korean quiz here. It includes a few words as example vocabulary. It is licenced under the GPL, which is included in the tarball. Simply evaluate the korean-quiz.el file and run the interactive function "quiz". Please feel free to send me feedback on this if you've tried to use it - what works for me may not work for you.

You can use it by adding lines like these to your .emacs file:
    ;; Korean Quiz
    (push "/path/to/korean-quiz/files/" load-path)
    (load "korean-quiz")
    (define-key global-map [f6] 'quiz)
    ; Pressing F6 will now run the quiz

If you want to use a different vocab list, change it in your .emacs after the korean-quiz module is loaded like this:
    (setq quiz-file "/home/haroldh/")